Conflict of interest settlement

The Company has a Corporate Conflict Settlement Policy of Transtelecom JSC, adopted by a resolution of the Board of Directors, which regulates the procedure of corporate conflicts settlement between KTZ NC JSC and other bodies of the Company.

The Company ensures the fullest and promptest identification of corporate conflicts, if they can arise in the Company, and a clear coordination of the actions of the Company's bodies, namely:

  • ensures the identification of corporate conflicts at the earliest stages of their development and their careful consideration by the Company, its officials and employees;
  • assigns the accounting of corporate conflicts, registration of messages received from shareholders, letters and demands to the Corporate Secretary of the Company. The Corporate Secretary of the Company gives them a preliminary assessment and transfers them to that body of the Company the competence of which includes the consideration of this conflict.
    The Corporate Secretary ensures proper consideration of shareholders' appeals by the Company and resolution of conflicts related to the violation of shareholders' rights. In the Company's branches, the organization of such work should be entrusted to their heads. However, in this case, the Corporate Secretary of the Company must have full information about corporate conflicts that have arisen in the Company's branches;
  • states the personal position on the essence of the conflict, takes an appropriate decision and brings it to the attention of shareholders as soon as possible.

In 2017 there were no instances of conflict of interest in the Company.