Values and ethical principles

Corporate Values of the Company

The fundamental corporate values which serve as the basis for the Company's business are the decency, reliability and professionalism of its employees, the effectiveness of their work, mutual assistance, respect for each other, stakeholders and company as a whole.

The Company is guided by the following principles of business conduct:

  • honesty;
  • justice;
  • conscientiousness;
  • transparency;
  • responsibility.

The Code of Business Conduct of Transtelecom JSC is in the bylaw, which forms the corporate culture and consolidates the corporate values of the Company. The Code defines the most important rules of business conduct of the Company and its employees, the ethical norms of intra-corporate relationships, social responsibility, as well as issues of business conduct of corporate governance.

The Code of Business Conduct was drawn up on the basis of generally accepted norms of business ethics, taking into account the experience of the best Kazakhstani and foreign practices of corporate governance.

The Code is mandatory for all employees of the Company (including branch employees) and members of its management bodies.

For individuals who work under civil agreements concluded with the Company, as well as for contractors and consultants who are agents performing orders, or representing the Company before third parties, if their actions are carried out on behalf of the Company, the Code, in the part that is not contradicting the essence of existing obligations, has a recommendation nature.

The provisions of the Code are of subordinate importance in relation to the current legislation and can be taken into account during disputes resolution.

Relations with competitors

The Company builds relations with competitors on the principles of mutual respect and mutually beneficial cooperation, avoiding the instances of unfair competition and abuse of dominant position, scrupulously observing antimonopoly legislation and avoiding harsh statements about competitors.

Employees of the Company do not have the right to unreasonably criticize the products and services of competitors and in cases of complications with them should be guided by instructions of immediate managers.