Company management structure

In accordance with the Charter of Transtelecom JSC the Company's management is performed as follows:

  • by general meeting of shareholders - the supreme management body of the Company;
  • by the Board of Directors, which is elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company to carry out the strategic management of the Company;
  • by CEO and the Management Board appointed by the Company's Board of Directors in order to ensure the day-to-day operational management of the Company.
Company management structure

Information about Shareholders

In accordance with the Resolution No.280 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 31, 2014 "On Approval of the Comprehensive Plan for Privatization for 2014-2016", Transtelecom JSC was included in the list of companies subject to privatization and alienation in a competitive environment. On May 12, 2015 a sale and purchase agreement was signed between KTZ NC JSC and M.S.Mukhanov for a 49% stake in Transtelecom JSC, which become effective on June 16, 2016. According to the register of securities holders as of June 17, 2016: KTZ NC JSC owns 51%, M.S.Mukhanov - 49% of shares.

Shareholders' General Meeting

The highest management body of the Company is the General Meeting of Shareholders. According to the Company's Charter and the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, shareholders' participation is required for the adoption of a number of the most important corporate decisions.

The procedure for holding the General Meeting of Shareholders is set out in the "Regulations on the General Meeting of Shareholders", which is available on the Company's website at: www.ttc.kz.

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is held no later than five months after the end of the fiscal year. The said period shall be deemed to be extended up to three months where it is impossible to complete Company's audit for the reporting period.

In 2017, the General Meeting of Shareholders was held on August 31 in the form of joint presence of shareholders.