Anticorruption activity. Ethics and conscientiousness

Anti-corruption is one of the strategic objectives of the development of Transtelecom JSC’s development. The Company is combating against any manifestations of corruption, which is seen as one of the systemic threats to national security.

Transtelecom JSC, being a Company with state participation, is guided by the principles and priorities that are fixed in the state policy on anti-corruption and therefore takes into account all the current requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this field.

Anti-corruption activities management

In the context of the economic crisis and within the frameworks of the Plan of the Nation - 100 concrete steps, proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the anti-corruption legislative base has been significantly updated. An important feature of the new anti-corruption legislation is that, apart from guarantees for protecting business activities from corruption challenges, the entrepreneurs are referred to entities that implement anti-corruption measures, and therefore must take measures to localize the causes and conditions that facilitate the commission of corruption offenses.

Anti-corruption and anti-fraud are among the strategic tasks of Transtelecom JSC's development.

In accordance with the Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policies, approved in the Company in November 2015, all employees of the Company are guided and strictly observe its principles:

  • Legality
  • recognition, maintenance and protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of man and citizen;
  • publicity and openness of the Company's employees in their activities;
  • inevitability of responsibility for the commission of corruption offenses;
  • assistance in the formation of a legal culture among employees of the Company, which rejects fraud and corruption, ensuring the principles of honesty and integrity in the performance of official duties;
  • implementation of anti-corruption propaganda;
  • comprehensive use of political, organizational, information, propaganda, socio-economic, legal, special and other measures;
  • cooperation in the field of anti-fraud and anti-corruption with the Company, government bodies, counterparties of the Company.

The objectives of the Policy are as follows:

  • prevention of unlawful actions;
  • development of strict observance of the RoK legislation attitude at the Company's employees, as well as observance of bylaws regulating the Company's activities;
  • elimination of the causes and conditions that generate fraud and corruption.

For the purpose of practical measures implementation for corruption combating in the areas of corporate governance, interaction with partners, counterparties and customers during the procurements, as well as in relations with government authorities:

  • the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on anti-corruption are brought to all employees;
  • a control in the conduct of purchases and services rendering is performed on a permanent basis (during 2017 there were no instances of regulatory acts violations during the procurement and provision of services);
  • assurance of timely drawing up of procurement plans, publicity and involvement of procurement procedures using modern information systems for automation of their processes organization and conduct.

In accordance with the terms of procurement, the Company conducts measures to ensure compliance with the Rules of goods, works and services procurement of Samruk-Kazyna JSC and organizations where fifty or more percent of shares (participatory interests) directly or indirectly owned by Samruk-Kazyna SWF.

Since 2016, the Company has a "Trust Line" where any employee or business partner of the Company can apply to tell about possible instances of corruption, the problem situation in the team, in branches and ask questions to the management. When hiring and relocating employees, the control is exercised over the assurance of publicity, openness and transparency of competitive selection procedures for vacant positions, in accordance with regulatory enactments. Information on the results of the competitive selection is posted on the official website. Quarterly the Department for Human Resources Management of KTZ NC JSC sends a report on the consideration of candidates for vacancies.

Currently, there is ongoing monitoring of the state of fighting corruption in the Central Office and in the Company's branches. Over 2014-2017 period there were no complaints about corruption committed by the employees. In 2017, 18 internal inspections were conducted by the "Internal Security" of the "Risks and Security" department, no instances of corruption were revealed.


Within the framework of the Anti-Terrorism Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.1404 of December 22, 2010 "On Approval of the Rules for Organization of Activities in the Field of Counter Terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan", Minutes of the Meeting of March 5, 2013 No.2), a purposeful work on planning and implementing measures to counter terrorism was carried out in the Company.

Organizational events:

  • an action plan to ensure antiterrorist protection of facilities for 2017 was drawn up;
  • changes have been made in the organization of staff training in the preparation of updated guidance materials;
  • an analysis of the security organization system for the facilities of the Company's branches was made; materials about anti-terrorism threats in railway transport have been drawn up.
  • work is carried out on the developed and approved plan for phased technical equipment of the most important facilities of the Company's branches for the period of 2014-2017.

In connection with the introduction of the "yellow" level of terrorist danger on the territory of the Republic, the recommendations on the procedure of the population's actions during the terrorist threat were disseminated in the Company's branches. Orders "On Strengthening Measures to Counter Terrorism and Ensure the Safety of Railway Transport Facilities" have been issued.

The Company conducted classes on studying the procedure of application of the "Rules for the organization and operation of the state system of information monitoring and public alerting about the threat of a terrorism attack" drawn up by the Headquarters of the antiterrorist center of the Republic of Kazakhstan in April 2015 by the state bodies.

Regime, security and preventive measures:

  • there is a system of access control and management in the buildings of the Company's branches, electronic access cards are issued to newly admitted employees;
  • 24-hour and day-time physical security posts are installed at the Company's facilities;
  • a monthly inspection of the administrative buildings, territory and the line-cable facilities fencing condition for the detection of foreign objects;
  • objects are equipped with modern engineering and technical security equipment, access control and video surveillance system;
  • the passports of antiterrorist protection of administrative buildings were drawn up and approved;
  • monthly scheduled training sessions are conducted to train working personnel in the event of terrorist threats;
  • the schemes and alert lists in case of threat or commission of a terrorist act at the sites of the Company's branches were adjusted and updated.

Technical activities:

  • the serviceability of illuminating means in the territory of Company's facilities at night is ensured;
  • visual agitation on the topic of anti-terrorism protection is updated;
  • a monthly check of the security alarm operability at all facilities of the Company's branches is carried out;
  • the check and preventive maintenance of individual protection means available in Company's branches are carried out quarterly;
  • monthly inspections of basement, attic rooms and adjacent territory of the Company's branches are carried out;
  • periodic inspection of the linear communication structures is carried out for the presence of foreign objects.

Assurance of the implementation of the RoK Law "On Religious Activities and Religious Associations."

The Company systematically carries out propaganda work aimed at inoculation of religious tolerance, mutual respect and non-admission of religious extremism.

Within the framework of this work, the following activities were carried out:

  • classes and lectures on the study of the legal framework for combating religious extremism and terrorism;
  • visits to small stations of branches for carrying out classes on antiterrorist protection for workers and young experts, and also preventive maintenance of religious extremism.
  • a regular control for prevention of the terrorist and extremist literature penetration;
  • practical exercises on working out of actions with the working personnel at occurrence of natural and techno genic extreme situations;
  • the study of the religious situation in the subdivisions of the branches with an explanation of the requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, articles of the Code on Administrative Violations and articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Anti-Terrorism" and "On Religious Activity and Religious Associations."