Staff structure

Employees of the Company are the main asset, the basis of Transtelecom JSC's success in achieving the leading position in the market of "Communications" services. The Company operates in conditions of high market competition and understands that when telecommunication companies are struggling to gain market share by reducing the cost of services and tariffs for customers, the quality provision of services depends most on highly qualified personnel. The Company constantly makes great efforts to attract, retain, train, develop talented employees, so the priority of Transtelecom JSC is to create opportunities that reveal the potential of each employee and the Company as a whole.

Transtelecom JSC provides employees with fair and competitive remuneration, devotes considerable attention to new and existing tools of motivation to achieve high results, and also creates attractive conditions for work, professional and personal development.

Remuneration is one of the most important aspects of the interaction between the company and its employees. The desire to become an employer chosen by the best employees, among other things, implies the introduction of transparent and fair approaches to each employee's work assessment and the provision of an appropriate remuneration.

Staffing number over 2015-2017


The number of the Company's employees as of December 31, 2017 was 3,267 people while in 2016 this indicator amounted to 3,427 people, in 2015 - 3,241 people. The decrease in the number of personnel in 2017 compared with the previous year is due to the restructuring carried out.

The Company relies on the effective work of production personnel. The share of production personnel is 90% of the total.

Number of men and women over 2015-2017

Number of men and women over 2015-2017

According to the Concept of Gender Policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan equal competitive conditions should be created both for women and men. Thus, the total share of female employees in 2017 was 52% of the total number of employees.

Personnel structure, pers

Personnel structure, pers

According to the data of 2017, 36% of the total number of employees were employees aged up to 30 years. The share of employees from 31 to 50 years was 45%, employees older than 51 years totaled 19%.

New employees orientation

Each new employee of the company undergoes an orientation period in order to obtain the necessary information required for effective labor activity, become aware of internal procedures established in the Company, and build relations with the team.

The adaptation period for Company's newcomers comprises several consecutive stages. These are the registration and presentation of the newcomer to the team, provision of the newcomer with access to the Green corporate portal for review and testing on the Company's bylaws, drawing up an individual work plan and assessment of their performance by the immediate supervisor.

Orientation period for newcomers includes introductory course called "Welcome-training" - "Welcome to TTC!", the purpose of which is to give the beginner maximum knowledge about the Company, information about the Company's work advantage, information about Company's structure, mission, vision and values.

Introductory training is conducted in an interactive mode, including team, role-playing and business games, discussion of video content and pursues several goals:

  • accelerate the entry of new employees in the post;
  • form a positive attitude towards the Company and its rules;
  • increase the orientation of new employees towards Clients;
  • improve the skills of joint work of new employees;
  • emphasize the advantages of work in the Company.

In 2017, 7 trainings for newcomers of the Central Office were conducted, where 154 people took part.

Collective agreement and trade unions

Transtelecom JSC concludes a collective agreement with the trade union organization. The collective agreement applies to the members of the trade union and the employees who joined them. As part of employees' rights protection, the collective agreement includes provisions on the minimum period for prior notification of employees and their elected representatives, on the implementation of all organizational changes in the activities of the Company that may affect the conditions of their work. In addition, the collective agreement contains provisions regulating the following aspects:

  • form, system and amount of labor remuneration;
  • payment of compensation to employees upon entering into marriage, at retirement, at the birth of children, for funeral services, etc.;
  • working time and rest time of employees;
  • guarantees and social protection of employees.

As of 31.12.2017, there are 14 primary trade union organizations in all branches of the Company within the Branch of "Kazakhstan Trade Union of Railway, Automobile, Air and Water Transport Industry's Workers" Public Association (hereinafter - the Trade Union of the Company). The total number of workers who are members of the trade union is 3,057 people or 94%, including 52 technical inspectors for labor protection.

In the past year, 767 inspections were carried out by technical inspectors for labor protection, according to the results of which 602 proposals were issued to the heads of structural subdivisions, 537 of them were eliminated in due time. No violations of labor legislation have been registered over this period.

The percentage of employees covered by collective agreement, in % and pers.
The percentage of employees covered by collective agreement, in % and pers.
  • 94
    The percentage of employees covered by CA – 3 057 pers.
  • 6
    The percentage of employees not covered by CA – 210 pers.

Training and professional development

The Company's stable and dynamic development directly depends on the qualifications and professionalism of its employees. One of the key areas of the Personnel Policy of the Company is the training and development of personnel, aimed at creation of a system for personnel knowledge and skills improvement.

Employees training policy is stipulated in the Rules for the organization of professional development of employees of Transtelecom JSC, which define the goals, principles, conditions, mechanisms and methods for personnel professional development programs implementation. The programs include advanced training courses, seminars, scientific and technical conferences, symposiums, round tables, internships and many other activities aimed at improvement of and obtaining new theoretical and practical knowledge.

Number of employees who passed skills upgrading courses in 2017
Number of employees who passed skills upgrading courses in 2017
  • 677
    For e-commerce development
  • 456
  • 106
  • 507

The number of employees who passed training and advanced training in 2017 amounted to 1,118 people, including the production personnel - 670 people, administrative personnel - 448 people.

In order to find new ways of Company's business processes implementation in the long term, the Company plans to implement and support internal trainers, instructors and mentors from among the employees (experts) in their professional activities who have the necessary competences, skills and knowledge for their transfer to other employees.

Over 2017, a number of internal trainings for Company's employees were conducted by highly qualified specialists using distance training in the fields of occupational health and safety, electrical safety, participation in tenders for procurement, broadcasting of a new mission, values and other topics. In the future, according to the results of applications selection and assessment of competences, a list of internal trainers will be formed which, during working hours, without prejudice to their core activities, according to the approved schedule, will conduct the following training events: seminars, trainings, master classes, coaching, consultations, etc.

Cooperation with universities

Transtelecom JSC is interested in attracting talented young professionals. In order to provide the Company with young specialists, interaction with higher and secondary professional educational institutions is carried out. According to the agreements concluded by the Company in 2016 with the International University of Information Technologies (IUIT), L.N.Gumilev Eurasian National University, S.Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University JSC 80 students passed the internship in 2017.


Transtelecom JSC uses a system of material and non-material incentives to motivate employees.

The system of labor compensation in the Company is focused on employees motivation to quality and efficient work. In particular, the average monthly wage for the year 2017 has increased in comparison with previous years.

Title 2015 2016 2016 to 2017 2017 2017 to 2016
Average monthly salary 135 701 140 570 103,6% 164 290 116,9%
Payroll fund 4 495 977 5 283 276 117,5% 5 882 898 111,4%

In accordance with the unified system of remuneration and bonuses all employees are receive the following compensations: bonuses for the length of service in the Company of not more than 3 official salaries, quarterly bonuses in the amount of not more than 1 official salary, bonuses for Informatization and Communications Day and the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan holidays. When employees combine several positions the surcharges are provided, as well as the bonuses of a key employee, "Best in profession", after-hours, other bonuses.

In order to motivate and stimulate effective work of employees, the Company permanently pays special attention to the non-material encouragement of personnel. Thus, the number of employees who were rewarded with state and industry awards in the Company is 202 people. The employees of the Company have been awarded with the title of "Honorary Railroader", "Uzdik Bailanyshy", "Adal enbegi ushin" award pin, "Kisibi boiynsha uzdik" and "Үzdik maman" titles, the Certificate of Honor and the Letter of Thanks of the President of KTZ KC JSC, watch engraved with name from the CEO of KTZ NC JSC and other types of moral encouragement.

Social policy, bonuses and benefits

An integral part of the staff remuneration system is social benefits and bonuses for the Company's employees. The Company's social policy is aimed at raising the overall standard of living of employees and providing support to groups in need of social assistance (pensioners, veterans of the Second World War and equated to them). The Company provides employees with a package of social benefits and guarantees. The liabilities for their provision are enshrined in the Collective Agreement.

The material assistance provided to employees is aimed at their recovery and treatment, payment at birth, at marriage registration, when employees leave for retirement, for summer holidays for children of families with the children with disabilities, large families, single mothers, and due to the jubilee dates of workers. Over 2017, the amount of expenses for social benefits has been 183,735 thousand KZT.

Social expenses for 2017
  • 19
    For summer vacations of employee's children; 34 457
  • 3
    To the jubilee of the employee; 5 342
  • 1
    Payment of additional vacations; 1 612
  • 5
    Retirement; 9 487
  • 10
    Gifts, carrying out of celebratory campaigns for children of workers; 18 000
  • 8
    Support of non-working pensioners; 15 804
  • 13
    For ritual services; 23 488
  • 7
    For the birth of a child; 12 504
  • 2
    For marriage registration; 4 130
  • 4
    For treatment; 7 171
  • 4
    Compensation for reduction; 7 135
  • 21
    Carrying out of cultural and sports events; 38 157
  • 3
    Social tax deduction; 6 430

Branch, departmental awards and awards of KTZ NC JSC received in 2017

For active participation in the effective solution of production and social issues, for the high performance of labor, the contribution to the development of the Company by the Day of Transport Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan 15 employees of Transtelecom JSC were rewarded by the awards of KTZ NC JSC and the Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan as follows

  • Tulbai Kanatovich Abdiyev the advisor to the CEO of Transtelecom JSC - the watch engraved with name from the President of NC KTZ JSC;
  • Igor Vadimovich Kudryavtsev, Executive Director - Managing Director of Astanatranstelecom branch - a letter of thanks of the Minister for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Gulmira Khassanovna Kurbanova, the expert of "Telecommunications presale" department of Transtelecom JSC's CO - Diploma of the President of KTZ NC JSC;
  • Dinara Zhanzakovna Turekhanova, senior expert of "Operational management" department of Transtelecom JSC's CO - a Letter of thanks of the President of KTZ NC JSC;
  • Rakhila Ibrasheva, section engineer at Beineu station of Atyrautranstelecom JSC - "Adal enbegi ushin" award pin;
  • "Kasibi boiynsha ushin" title to the following employees: Maratzhan Saparbekovich Myrzakulov electromechanist of FOCL of the 1st group of the line-cable brigade at the Arys station of the Shymkenttranelecom branch and Kasym Akparovich Balkybekov - the electromechanist of the 1st group of the local network of Astanatanstelecom branch;;
  • the title "Үздік маман" - the chief accountant of the branch "Karagandatranstelecom" Makaev Bibigaisa Kazkenovna and the head of the personnel department of the branch "Almatytranstelecom" Zhanyazova Klara Lepesovna;;
  • Honorary Certificate of KTZ NC JSC to the following employees:
    • Nurbolat Nauryzkhanovich Iskakov - senior electromechanic of CATS at Ayagoz station of Semeytranstelecom branch;
    • Irina Viktorovna Balandina - Head of Kostanay node unit of Kostanaytranstelecom branch;
    • Baimurat Abzhanovich Yesmambetov - electromechanics of the 2nd group at the Saksaulskaya station of Kyzylordatrestelecom branch;
  • Letter of Thanks of the President of KTZ NC JSC to the following employees:
    • Vasily Nikolayevich Chesnakov - Head of sales service of Kokshetautranstelecom branch;
    • Nurbek Turumbekovich Tulepbergenov - Head of Kandyagash communication center of Aktobetranstelecom branch;
    • Kanyshay Shaikhinovna Kuderova - accountant of the 1st category of Oskementranstelecom branch.
  • The awards were presented in a solemn atmosphere in the presence of a team of employees of the central office and branches of the Company.

    In honor of the celebration of the national holiday - the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, six employees of the Company were awarded for their high achievements in the work with honorary diplomas and pins of KTZ NC JSC, SWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC as follows:

    1. Saken Madikhanovich Baituganov, Vice president For Commerce - a certificate of honor of SWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC
    2. Adal enbegi ushin award pin to the following employees:
      • Natalya Ivanovna Sektereva, telegraphist of the 5th category of Oskementranstelecom branch;
      • Oksana Alexandrovna Telegina, head of the digital automatic telephone exchange and technical telegraph office of Karagandatranstelecom branch;
    3. Certificate of honor of the President of KTZ NC JSC to the following employees:
      • Gennady Georgievich Litvyakov - senior electromechanic of the 2nd group of CATS workshop of Karagandatranstelecom JSC;Anar Litvyakov branch of Karagandatranstelecom;
      • Saule Toktarovna Zhanetova - the chief of the telegraph shop of the technical branch of Astanatranstelecom JSC;
    4. Karlygash Sarbalayevna Dzhumagaliyeva - Letter of thanks of the President of KTZ NC JSC.

    Social and recreational activities

    On August 17, 2017 the Youth Council and the corporate section of the Company, with the assistance of the trade union organized a sporting event for employees - the 2nd Summer Games of Transtelecom JSC which opened its doors to 16 sports teams in the city of Karaganda. The Sport Games aims to implement the Address of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan, to attract employees to a healthy lifestyle, to regular physical education and sports, to promote sports events and values of a healthy lifestyle among the population.

    According to the results of the Games, the winners were awarded with valuable prizes and three-degree medals. The team championship was chosen by scoring points for the individual results of each team member.

    The general team first place in the 1st Summer Sport games of Transtelecom JSC was awarded to the Kokshetautranstelecom branch.

    An honorable second place was awarded to the team of the Central Office and the team of the Kostanayranstelecom branch closes the top three.

    As has been previously reported, the winning team gets the opportunity to hold the next Sport Games in their city. The next 3rd Summer Sport Games 2018 will be held in Kokshetau.

    As part of the Games among the employees of KTZ NC JSC, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, our athletes showed a high level of training, taking the fourth place in volleyball and the team 7th place.

    The team of players of Transtelecom JSC took part in the Kazakhstan League of Football Fans and according to the result of 2017 took the 9th place.

    Council for Youth Affairs

    The Company has its Council of Youth Affairs with the main goal to assist in the professional and social development of young and promising employees of the Company.

    In order to increase the role of youth in the production and social activities of the Company, the following activities were carried out within the framework of the Youth Policy Program implementation in 2017:

    • in May the planting of trees was organized in Astana by the forces of youth;
    • in September 2017, three young employees of the Company took part in "Project Management" and "Future Managers" regional innovative educational training program;
    • young workers during the reporting period actively participated in sports and cultural events of the Company;
    • three active young workers of the Company, participants of the events held within the framework of the Youth Policy Program, received material assistance in the amount of 20 MCI following the results of their performance in 2017.

    Trade Union

    As of December 31, 2017, the number of employees in the Company is 3267 people, including 3,057 are members of the trade union, which is 94%.

    The main task of the trade union is to protect the socio-economic and legal interests of trade union members.

    The main activities of the trade union committee for the past period are as follows:

    • consideration of proposals for supplementing, changing the sections of the collective agreement, monitoring of its implementation;
    • drawing up and examination of documents relating to the socio-economic status of workers and their labor guarantees;
    • organization and participation in collective actions and campaigns of the trade union;
    • control over observance of labor protection conditions;
    • health-improving work, organization of leisure, cultural leisure of employees and their children;
    • material support of the trade union members.

    It is currently impossible to imagine the life of the Company's employees without various cultural and sporting events - holidays, anniversaries, competitions, excursions, trips to nature, where they can both relax, chat, and discuss pressing issues in informal atmosphere. A great part of such events are organized thanks to the Company's trade unions activity.

    During the reporting period, the following cultural events were held with the support of the trade union:

    • celebration of the March 8, all women - members of the trade union were presented with the gifts - certificates for the purchase of cosmetics and perfumes;
    • celebration of "Nauryz Meiramy", a concert was organized by the forces of workers with the holding of national competitions and rituals;
    • celebration on May 7 with competitions and festive table decoration;
    • congratulation of veterans, homefront workers of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of labor (and equated war veterans in Afghanistan) on the Victory Day of May 9, charitable assistance (delivery of grocery baskets and material assistance);
    • the celebration of the Children's Day on June 1, the children of the Company's employees participated in the contest of poems and stories "Golden Pen" and the Children's Painting Competition "Balausa Bolashak" on the topic of EXPO-2017 through the eyes of children;
    • on the eve of the new year Father Frost and Snow Maiden went with congratulations to the houses of members of the trade union and congratulated the children (they arranged a holiday in each house, handed souvenirs and gifts). At the expense of the trade union funds, three floors of the Emerald Quarter were decorated, photobooths were installed, animators were invited who congratulated the workers on the New Year;
    • carrying out of teambuilding events timed to the "Day of Communication and Information Workers" with the organization of "Exactly to a T" competition, photo collages by blocks, presentations of teams, etc.

    Observance of the Human Rights by the Company

    The main objective of the Company in the field of sustainable development in relations with personnel is the realization of the human right to work. The Company respects the religious beliefs and political preferences of its employees, provided that they do not conflict with the current legislative base of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, the Company does not interfere with the participation of its employees in political, religious and public activities as individuals and during off-hours.

    In 2017, there was not a single case of violation in Transtelecom JSC that affected the rights of indigenous and small peoples. The Company recognizes the principle of equality of rights and opportunities. Workers have the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining within the framework of existing legislation.

    Throughout 2017, the Company strictly complied with the requirements prohibiting the employment of persons under the age of 18 on the ground with harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions, and also did not allow any kind of discrimination against employees and business partners.

    The Company has implemented the practice of hotline operation to register internal complaints of employees, as well as special boxes of complaints and appeals, and a personal blog of the head of the Company (CEO) has been created and is operating.