Safety in the workplace

Health protection

OHS work in the Company is aimed at achievement of the main goal of labor protection - creation of working conditions that meet the requirements of employees' life and health preservation in the work process, reduction of the risks of accidents at work and orientation of the Company's subdivisions to the safest technological processes and equipment.

The most important direction of our work is to ensure the priority of employees' life and health preservation in the work process.

The Company pays special attention to compliance with all requirements and norms of labor legislation.

Transtelecom JSC steadily invests in the creation of safe jobs, provides employees with the necessary special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment in accordance with industry standards. The Company does everything possible to develop a culture of safe work in the company and to promote a healthy lifestyle that is critically important for professional self-realization.

We invest in labor safety improvement

Transtelecom JSC annually develops and implements an occupational health and labor protection, the main costs of which are aimed at purchasing personal protective equipment, special footwear and special clothing, conducting mandatory medical examinations, special assessment of workplaces on working conditions, training in labor protection, and improvement of working conditions of employees.

We improve the occupational health and safety issues management system

The Company has a modern OSH management system aimed at creation of safe working conditions, preventing occupational injuries, and developing a culture of safe work and training of employees in safety rules.

Transtelecom JSC has developed and approved the Occupational Safety and Health Policy and adopted the documented procedure titled "Safety and Health Management System", "Operations Manual on the organization of control over labor safety and protection", "Operations Manual on the procedure of Transtelecom JSC's employees provision with overalls, special footwear and other personal protective equipment", which defines the main goals, principles and directions of the Company's activities to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and a unified system of labor protection management is established.

Rate of accidents

The workers employed in jobs with high risks, harmful and dangerous production factors - electricians employed in work on the operation of overhead communication lines (work at height) and cable men-welders (working in wells) are most vulnerable to high levels of injuries. We pay special attention to provision them with safe working conditions.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to avoid fatal injuries: in 2017, Transtelecom JSC had 4 accidents: 1 with a fatal outcome, 2 instances with severe injuries, 1 instance with a slight degree of injury severity. Internal investigations in addition to those required by law were carried out for each accident, the causes of accidents were identified, the action plans have been drawn up to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The compensation for damage in connection with these accidents totaled 9.3 million tenge.

Based on the results of the analysis of production incidents causes, the measures have been developed to eliminate the recurrence of injuries as follows:

  • the safety instructions for both office workers and production personnel, containing requirements for the production of work at height, near power lines, and also taking into account the state of work capacity of the employee have been updated.
  • the basic directions of Transtelecom JSC development in the field of labor safety have been made up as follows:
    1. Improvement of the organization of work (transfer of safety engineers and labor protection of the branches to the Direct Subordination to the Central Office's OHS service, increase in the number of the OHS Service's staff, the restructuring of the staff in the field of labor safety, the introduction of labor safety indicators in the motivation system of top managers).
    2. Improvement of technical equipment (Plan for the maintenance of communication lines of TTC from power lines, technical re-equipment of communication lines).
    3. Automation of works (drawing up and introduction of electronic order-admission project).
    4. Promotion of occupational health and safety (conducting of behavioral dialogues, interactive communication, webinars, VC, trainings).

In order to improve the OHS system and prevent the growth of injuries The Company outlines a number of primary tasks:

  • Improvement of education and promotion of work safety.
  • Work organization improvement.
  • Improvement of technical equipment.
  • Automation of routine work.

The Company's objective is to develop a culture of security to the level of team spirit.

Transition to a new level of efficiency is possible through a qualitative change in the behavior of production personnel, which shares the values of the Company and every day brings a positive contribution to the achievement of the Company's strategic goals.

Injury rate

Injury rate

Based on the results of the certification held in 2017, KZT 64.7 million was spent on certification measures, including purchase of equipment for meal rooms (electric kettle, boiler), KZT 0.52 million, purchase of medical kits, medicines - KZT 2.867 mln.

Based on the results of production facilities certification over 12 months of 2017 on the working conditions in general in Transtelecom JSC, the number of workers in jobs with harmful, severe and stressful working conditions that do not meet the maximum permissible standards of Sanitary Rules and Regulations has decreased from 950 people in 2016, up to 658 people in 2017.

The number of employees working in areas of increased noise remained unchanged - 136 people.

The number of employees working in an increased level of vibration over 9 months of 2017 remained unchanged compared to 2016 (30 people).

The number of employees working in the zones of increased gas contamination during the reporting period remained unchanged - 7 people at the branches of Pavlodartranstelecom and Kyzylordatranstelecom.

The number of workers employed in the zones of unfavorable temperature conditions as a result of production facilities certification decreased from 108 to 78.

By reducing the number of workplaces (telephonists, telegraphists) of those employed in jobs with stressful working conditions, their number has decreased from 444 to 216 people.

The actual costs of complex measures implementation to improve working conditions amounted to 64.7 million tenge. A total of KZT 63.97 million is planned for 12 months of 2017. Costs raising is caused by the excess of expenses, improvement of sanitary and living conditions and bringing the illumination of the premises in line with Sanitary Rules and Regulations, as well as an increase of training costs for managers and officials of the Central Office.

During the reporting period, 589 people passed the OHS trainings, including 13 branch managers and 162 heads of structural units.

524 employees were trained in electrical safety, including 15 heads of branches, 98 heads of structural subdivisions.

A total of 7,223 thousand tenge have been budgeted for measures to improve training and promote occupational safety. Actual costs over the reporting period amounted to 7,239 thousand tenge (an increase is of 0.2%). Costs increase is caused by an increase in the cost for CO managers and senior officials training by KZT 16,000.

During the reporting period, 2 month's campaign "Safety of work" were held. All the departments of the Company took part therein, the extraordinary inspections, meetings, training of employees were held.