Participation in Charters and Associations

The Company does not carry out any kinds of donations to political parties, politicians and related organizations, as well as any investment in the community. During the reporting period, within the work of interaction with external parties, Transtelecom JSC assumed no obligation and did not support any charter or initiatives in economic, environmental and social fields.

The Company is a member of the following organizations which often determine the effective operation of the telecoms operator:

  • National Chamber of Entrepreneurs;
  • National Telecommunications Association;
  • Internet Traffic Exchange Center;
  • RIPE;
  • TM Forum.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (NCE) is a non-profit organization established to strengthen the negotiating power of business with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and state bodies. The Chamber of Entrepreneurs represents the interests of small, medium and large business, covering all fields of business, including domestic and foreign trade.

We are members of this organization since its establishment in 2013.

The National Telecommunications Association (NTA) - is a non-profit organization, an association of legal entities having appropriate licenses, the core business of which is the provision of telecommunications services. This is a voluntary association of companies which are the recognized leaders of the telecommunications market, which most fully reflects the diverse interests of alternative telecom operators. Membership in this organization allows companies to gain the experience of other telecom operators at first hand, to participate in design of proposals for improvement of the legislative framework in the field of telecommunications, to receive assistance in the field of measures aimed at improvement of personnel qualification, to participate in the development of unified technical standards for telecommunications equipment.

We are one of the oldest members of the NTA and have been therein since 2003.

The Internet Traffic Exchange Center is an association that provides primary Kazakhstani Internet service providers with the ability to exchange IP traffic on the uniform rules and connection conditions.

The company is in the Center for the Exchange of Internet Traffic since 2010.

RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) is an international organization of Internet registrars that performs the distribution of Internet resources, as well as related registration and coordination of activities aimed at global support of the Internet functioning.

Since 2006 we are members of RIPE.

TM Forum is an association that unites digital business worldwide. This community brings together talented participants and leading companies, various eco-systems to accelerate the transformation of successful business models of TM Forum members. Consolidated experience and interests of community members were gathered by tens of thousands of professionals from more than 900 leading organizations that are the driving force behind all TM Forum initiatives, from research and publications to practical handbooks, cooperation programs, tools and best practices, relevant events and training for business and leaders in the field of IT-industry.

Since 2013, the Company has been a member of TM Forum non-profit organization association.