Customer base

Currently, the Company is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Kazakhstan, providing not only international, long distance, local telephony and Internet access services, but also trunk communication channels. The Company's clients are both individuals and corporate users, and telecom operators. Our partners are the largest companies for which high-quality telecommunication services are a prerequisite for doing business.

In comparison with 2015, there is an increase in the share of income received from third parties. This dynamics will continue to grow significantly in the future, as expected.

Revenues by third-party organizations


Revenues from trunk network and transit services


The revenue growth in 2017 from TTC's FOCL backbone network will be KZT 3.6 billion

The revenue growth in 2017 from TTC's FOCL backbone network
  • 7
    KazTransCom JSC
  • 1
    Novakor Universal LTD
  • 4
    Alma telecommunications Astana JSC
  • 13
  • 2
  • 3
    2DayTelecom LLP
  • 5
    Uzbektelecom JSC
  • 3
    MegaFone JSC
  • 4
    Vympel Communications LLP
  • 4
    China Telecommunication Corporations
  • 1
    Linx Telecom
  • 1
    Kazpost JSC
  • 3
    British Telecom Global Service Ltd
  • 49

The share of revenues from large customers with an annual volume of KZT 187 million to KZT 1 789 million is 51%, other revenues are from other customers.

The number of corporate clients of the Company for many years includes well-known international operators such as BritishTelecom (Great Britain), ChinaTelecom (PRC), Transtelecom CJSC (Russia), Ekvant LLP (Russia) and others, which indicates the possibility to reliable cooperation at the highest level.

Being the operator of the backbone level, the Company is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation with all communication operators - "recognized" and "alternative" ones, engaged both in fixed and mobile communications. Opportunities of the main and regional operators always complement each other, which creates an objective basis for the implementation of attractive schemes of inter-operator interaction.

There are international connections with operators of the Russian Federation, the People's Republic of China, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Turkmen Republic. These international connections give the Company the status of a primary provider in the domestic market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, allow purchasing the Internet access services from various providers and thereby create a full reserve of Internet services and improve the quality of services provided. International connections also allow obtaining new orders from international partners for the lease of communication channels and transit channels to the countries of Central Asia and China, thereby significantly increasing the Company's revenues.

Partners and counterparties

Transtelecom JSC for many years has been active in providing high-quality communication services in the domestic and international markets.

Our partners are the largest companies the prerequisite of which is high-quality telecommunication services for doing business.

Partners and counterparties
  • Linx Telecommunications (Amsterdam)
  • RETN LTD (London),
  • Kvant Telecom CJSC (Russian Federation),
  • Megafon OJSC (Russian Federation),
  • Transtelecom CJSC (Russian Federation),
  • Vympel Communications OJSC (RF),
  • China Telecom (PRC),
  • China Unicom (PRC),
  • Uzbektelecom JSC (Uzbekistan),
  • Kyrgyztelecom OJSC (Kyrgyzstan),
  • Elkat LLC (Kyrgyzstan),
  • Alma TV LLP,
  • KazTransCom JSC,
  • ТNS plus LLP,
  • Astel JSC,
  • Kazteleport JSC,
  • Mobile Telecom Service LLP (Tele2),
  • Kcell JSC,
  • 2Day Telecom LLP,
  • Interregional Transit Telecom OJSC (ITT) (RF).