Development Strategy

In January 2017, the Board of Directors approved the Development Strategy of Transtelecom JSC until 2026 (Development Strategy), which is aimed at Company's market value (capitalization) raising.

The Company's development strategy defines the mission, vision, strategic goal and strategic directions of the Company's development that correspond to the current state and prospects for the development of the telecommunications industry. A special attention in the Development Strategy is devoted to the issues of sustainable development and performance improvement.

Mission, vision and values


To create infrastructure opportunities and necessary IT solutions, exceeding the expectations of customers and partners.

Explanation of mission

"To create infrastructure opportunities ..." - The Company will work with particular diligence on projects aimed at expansion of the infrastructure to reach the broad masses of the population and remote corners of the country. Transtelecom JSC is a Kazakh company with a high level of corporate responsibility, which lies in implementation of projects that provide equal access to the digital world and high-tech services for the people of Kazakhstan.

"... and the necessary IT solutions ..." - the Company will develop and accumulate its own expertise for an objective assessment of acquired and implemented technological solutions. A new aspect of work with clients will be the concern of both the compliance of solutions and products with high quality standards and the direct economic benefit of customers as a result of Company's services use.

"... exceeding the expectations of customers and partners" - to introduce high-quality services, a regular assessment of the level of Company's customers and partners satisfaction (for example, the use of the NPS indicator) will be introduced everywhere. Job satisfaction level raising will be the main indicator of the effectiveness of all units of the Company that interact with clients or partners in varying degrees.


Transtelecom JSC is a dynamic company with a high process organization, uniting a team of cohesive and result-oriented professionals to create advanced technologies and services. A long-term and reliable partner, the market leaders seek to cooperate with.


  • Continuous improvement
    We do not stand still, but constantly strive to become better in all aspects of our activity, introducing the most advanced solutions and technologies into daily practice.
  • Adaptability
    We are ready for any changes and always strive to achieve more by providing ourselves and our clients with the best conditions under any circumstances.
  • Social responsibility
    We are the guarantor of the quality, safety and reliability of our services and solutions, aware of our responsibility to society.
  • Customer-focus
    We strive to understand the needs of our customers and partners, creating maximum quality and building long-term relationships.
  • Efficiency
    We are focused on achieving true results, estimating the ratio of required resources and expected benefits.
  • Mutual responsibility
    We are not afraid to take responsibility and do it consciously, achieving joint success.
  • Human potential
    We are interested in disclosing and developing the potential of our employees, involving them in the process of Company improvement.

Assessment of the Company's position and prospects for its development

The company has its own backbone fiber-optic communication network, which unites 11 large cities of the republic into a single network and is one of the largest primary providers in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main activity of the Company is the provision of a wide range of telecommunication and IT services, including the following ones:

  • local, long distance, international telephone communication;
  • access to the Internet;
  • telegraphy;
  • lease of communication and data transmission channels
  • IT services and projects.

During the reporting period, the Company implements the measures established by the Company's Development Strategy, which are fully aimed at achievement of long-term sustainable development.

The internal processes are continuously improved and the corporate management system is developing for the purpose of interaction between strategic and operational components of the Company.

One of the Company's achievements is the inclusion of the Company in the NB500 rating. The NB500 is a joint project of National Business and McKinsey&Company, which identifies the largest companies in Kazakhstan, ranking them by revenue with their subsidiaries, and also provides detailed analytical reviews for 11 sectors of the economy: oil and gas complex, finance, metallurgy, construction, transport, IT and telecom, manufacturing, trade, FMCG, agriculture and energy.

According to the NB500 version of 2016, Transtelecom JSC was among the top three "The fastest growing companies in the industry", taking second place with income for the year of KZT 32.7 billion.

To maintain the achieved level of development, the Company intends to continue implementing initiatives, developing and introducing new services and services. At the same time, as before, the priority is to follow the principles of client-focus, resolution of problems of competitiveness raising, flexibility to change yet maintaining the best traditions, following the current trends in the industry.

The analysis of the current situation of the external and internal environment, as well as the mission and vision of the Company, helped to build a vision for the next ten years. The strategy includes the implementation of three key areas:

  1. Development of telecommunication services;
  2. Development of IT services;
  3. Internal transformations.

Each direction includes several goals, which in turn consist of key tasks and KPI.

Achievement of strategic goals is assessed by the system of key performance indicators applied in the Company which directly influence the size of bonuses.

The strategy is aimed at raise of in the fixed-communication market through B2B and B2G, development in the direction of telegraphy topology upgrading services rendering with the transition to IP-telegraphy, the development of mobile business, the provision of ICT services, IT outsourcing and system integration services in the alliance with large international IT companies, as well as complex IT projects implementation.

The Company has a task to maintain the operational efficiency of the business, increase the efficiency of capital investments, continuously improvement of internal processes and development of the corporate management system.