Company profile

Transtelecom JSC is one of the largest communication operators in the Republic of Kazakhstan, specializing in providing a wide range of telecommunications services, digitalization and system integration in the field of IT, communications, automation and energy.

Business model

The Company's business model is aimed at high-quality and modern telecommunication services rendering to its customers and fully complies with the corporate strategy aimed at transformation into an integrated provider of digital services.

Investment attractiveness

The telecommunications industry in Kazakhstan is an attractive segment of the economy for both long-term and short-term investors.

Brief history of development


The results of an open two-stage tender for the sale of a 26% -1 stake were summed up, a winner was determined.

The Development Strategy - 2026 of Transtelecom JSC was adopted.

Launch of services for the implementation of cyber security, "SOC" - Security Operation Center.

The new organizational structure came into force.

Partner of ASTANA EXPO-2017 international exhibition.


Transtelecom JSC is a single integrator for the implementation of IT solutions, automation and telecommunications solution for the group of companies of KTZ NC JSC as part of the Transformation Roadmap.

Accreditation and launch of the Certification Authority of Transtelecom JSC.


Participation in the largest annual event dedicated to the development of the market of telecommunication transport networks in Russia and the CIS - "Transport Networks Russia 2016" 7th International Conference.

Official sponsorship of the World Women's Boxing Championship among women in Astana, where 12 licenses for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were up for grabs.


The purchase and sale agreement for 49% of the shares of Transtelecom JSC came into force.


According to the "National Business Rating" Union, Transtelecom JSC has been assigned the status of "INDUSTRY LEADER."


In the SKR, the information system "Digital Mining" was put into operation in the uranium mining enterprise.

The 1st Summer Sports and Athletic Event of Transtelecom JSC welcomed 16 sports teams in Khadzhimukan Munaitpassov Stadium.


Within the framework of the bilateral meeting, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between China Telecom Global Limited and Transtelecom JSC for the implementation of the "Provision of broadband Internet access to rural settlements with a population of over 250 people" project.

Transtelecom JSC acted as the general partner of "ASTEX-2016" - the largest international exhibition-conference.

The FOCL length (fiber-optic communication lines) is more than 15,000 km.


Transtelecom JSC's privatization start.


Deploying of the Kaizen/Lean Manufacturing Production Improvement and Management Process.


According to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1141 "On some issues of privatization for 2016-2020", Transtelecom JSC has been included in the List of assets subject to transfer to a competitive environment in priority order - 26% -1 shareholding.

In Paris, the Company deployed 100G DWDM optical transport equipment of Ekinops company on an optical network covering the entire territory of the country and on the border with China. This is a part of a large network between China and Western Europe.

The entry of Transtelecom JSC into the Kazakhstan Association of Automation and Robotics.

EDT ACS ("Energy dispatching traction" Automated control system ): 11,951 diesel locomotives and 11,957 sections of electric locomotives have been equipped, with regard to equipping locomotives with the hardware-software complex of automated control systems EDT: 348 sets of locomotives and 46 sets of electric locomotives.

The FOCL length (fiber-optic communication lines) is 10,954.2 km.

Completion of R&D on "Magistral" AСS (Automated control system). Start of replication on the railway trunk along the RoK.


Installation of a new SkyEdge-1 satellite earth stations was organized at 20 railway stations.

Commissioning of the automated process control system (Automated control system "Energy dispatch traction"). A total of 6,678 sections of locomotives and 8,476 sections of electric locomotive have been equipped, as for the locomotives - they have been equipped with the Software and hardware complex of EDT ACS: 647 sets of locomotives and 341 sets of electric locomotives.

The length of FOCl is 8,139 km.

On an ongoing basis, the telephony, Internet and video conferencing (VC) services are provided for "Salamatty Kazakhstan", "Zhardem" and "Densaulyk" medical trains.


The arrangement of a channel under "The toll road Astana-Schuchinsk" project and the adjustment of the switch and routers equipment for toll roads for EnergoRemServis company was performed. (Vlan- "service for monitoring" - in conjunction with Kazsatnet and Astel, "fees charging service" - jointly with Kazteleport).


The first stage of FOCL (fiber-optic communication lines) building in Aktobe-Kandyagash section with a length of 96 km was performed.

The monitoring system of CN (Cable network) lying along the FOCL route (Fiber-optic communication lines) was commissioned.


Design and Development Department performed works to connect ATX of Transtelecom JSC in Novoishimsky settlement to NPP to PTN (Public Telecommunications Network)


Bypassing of fibers from the main cable with a length of 3.9 thousand km was made for the arrangement of communication channels and connection to the trunk line of the divisions of KTZ NC JSC. At that time, the total length of the FOCL (fiber-optic communication lines) was 6.6 thousand km.


The data transmission services for the Tulpar-1 and Tulpar-2 train of Astana-Almaty-Astana route were commissioned (Transtelecom JSC's order No.174-П dated June 1, 2010).

Connection of operator's network of KazTransNet LLP and Space.KZ LLP to the network of Transtelecom JSC for the organization of transit telephone traffic in Almaty at PTN (Public Telecommunication Network) and traffic transmission through international destinations and cellular operators network.


By the decree of the State Commission the HUB (central control station) OP-39 was put into operation.


The HSPT (high-speed passenger traffic) terrestrial satellite data and voice transmission network was re-connected to the control station of Transtelecom JSC in the city of Astana (OП-39).


The satellite terminal was installed on medical train No. 3, for the organization of VC (videoconferencing), data and voice transmission based on the decision of KTZ NC JSC.


A contract was signed with Alcatel-Lucent for the supply and installation of a large backbone transport network. The project has been financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

128 satellite communication systems commissioned a year before, passed electromagnetic compatibility in RCSKS EMC RES JSC (republican space communication center and electromagnetic compatibility of radio electric equipment) and were registered with the Agency for Informatization and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the subsequent obtaining of permission for the radio frequency spectrum.


The start of telegraph stations upgrading in the cities of Astana (2 pcs.), Kokshetau, Karaganda, Kostanay, Ekibastuz with the replacement of 6 operating telegraph stations AT-PS-PD with one digital Vector-2000 Telegraphic Switching Server.


The "Primary Backbone Network" Center was established to coordinate the activities of the primary backbone network and FOCL sections (Fiber-optic communication lines).


A 45 Mbit Astana-London channel for Orange company was commissioned and put into operation for the first time in the history of Transtelecom JSC.


The SDH OTC KTZ network (Operational and technological communication) on the Almaty-Astana section was build (equipment & software configuring and testing were implemented).


Territorial sections of the backbone network (TSBN) have been established in the cities of Almaty, Shu, Kokshetau, Karaganda, Astana


A virtual POP node in the city of Moscow has been established at M9, with capacity of STM1 for rational use of the Company's resources, as well as for operational work to provide customer services outside of Kazakhstan.


Testing of the Astana-Petropavlovsk-Atyrau STM1 level channel completed, which made it possible to unite (telephony) of the Atyrau branch with the branches of Almaty, Karaganda, Astana, Kokshetau, as well as provide channel leasing services for customers in the city of Atyrau.

Testing of two VC3 Hong Kong-Almaty-Moscow for "British Telecom". The "British Telecom" project were being implemented in other cities of Kazakhstan on the transport network of Transtelecom JSC.


POTOK automated billing system was implemented.


Participation of Transtelecom JSC in the international telecommunication exhibition CEBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Transtelecom JSC was awarded the gold medal of the International Fund "For high quality in business practice".


Two operating telegraph stations APSK 120/120 and AT-PS-PD 72/64 were replaced in the city of Almaty with the first digital TSS Vector-2000 ( Telegraphic Switching Server).


Completed construction of 1,340 kilometers fiber-optic communication line on the Almaty-Astana section.


Opening of the Communication Networks Management Center and commissioning of a unified FOCL (fiber-optic communication lines) monitoring and administration system on the Almaty-Astana trunck section.


Transtelecom JSC received an ISO 9001-2000 - a certificate of compliance with the International Quality Management Standards .


Transtelecom Open Joint Stock Company was transformed into Transtelecom JSC.

More than 30 new digital ATE (Automatic telephone exchange) have been installed.


Implementation of an automated billing and technical accounting system.

A satellite communication network has been designed.

The start of installation and implementation of the data transmission network nodes and provision of a wide range of new customer services, including the Internet access.


Introduction of a digital automatic telephone exchange (Automatic telephone exchange) at the Almaty station.

A centralized contract was signed for connection to the network of Kazakhtelecom JSC as a telecom operator.


The Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan was issued "On measures of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy RSE reorganization and Transtelecom OJSC spin-off with 100% state participation".


Date of initial state registration of Transtelecom OJSC.


Based on the order of the Republican State Enterprise "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" "On Optimization of the Alarm and Communication Management System," a subsidiary state enterprise - Transtelecom SSE was established.

Geography of presence

Our first priority is to improve the quality of communication and services in Kazakhstan through the development and modernization of networks.

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